Who we are.

The process of building a new home can be daunting. As custom home builders, we know this and feel it on very real levels. When choosing Manna Custom to build your space, you are choosing an entity that you’ll be working with from the moment you start dreaming up what *can be* to the point you are walking through the door of your new home or ADU. Instead of struggling with multiple companies to schedule surveyors, soil tests, and structural engineers. We offer the *one stop* to fully design, permit, and build your space in the City of Austin including the architectural plan set.

The “Design Phase"

Once deciding to move forward with Manna Custom, you will then be scheduled to enter our Design Phase. We are typically able to schedule our clients to start this phase within 1-3 weeks of the sign date. This phase will include four meetings with our in-house architect, a professional survey of your property, a structural engineer, a soil test, and a taps engineer (when called for by the City of Austin). We typically estimate this phase to take 6-8 weeks before moving into the “Permitting Phase.”

The “Permitting Phase"

While there are many connecting factors between Design and Permitting, we ultimately chose to make Permitting it’s own phase because it is one of the only times that we truly have no say surrounding the timeline or the process as to which we proceed. We do our very best to offer thorough communication from the COA and to keep you up to date as to where your permit is within this phase. The Permitting Phase can take anywhere from 3 to 5 weeks if no revisions are needed. Some areas where design and permitting DO overlap are the taps plan- while we usually can tell on the front end whether we will require a full taps engineer or if we’ll be able to hook into the current meter and do a general meter upgrade, there are situations in which we find out during permitting that the city will require a full taps plan set to update current pipes or to tie in the correct way, at this point in time, we engage the taps engineer while the city continues to review the plan set. We also our full selections process during the permitting phase! The selections process will include multiple options from a variety of suppliers as well as two “Design” meetings with our sales representative. This process will allow you to truly choose which price point your final build will come in at based on our tier system. If you don’t see something you had in mind, we are always happy to work with our clients to ensure they end up with a design and style they are proud to live with. While we are always happy to release the selections documents ahead of time so you can start designing your space, we do wait until permitting to finalize any selections as it is common for clients to change their minds as the build nears and products can often go on backorder or be replaced with newer items in a 2 month time- waiting until closer to the date of build allows us to make sure that when a selection is chosen, we can be ready to order that item when the time comes knowing that it is the final product.

The “Construction Phase"

WOW! CONGRATULATIONS! You made it through the hardest part. Your project has gone from a general thought and dream to the start of YOUR new space. From this point forward you will be working with your builder and project manager to know your exact timeline and processes. We typically start a build anywhere from 5-10 after exiting the Permitting Phase. We like to immediately set up a “Builder Handoff” meeting where the sales rep, builder, and project manager are all present to go through any fine details of the structure that may be imperative to your build. It is at this meeting that the final contract is signed and any remaining redlines are made before pushing forward. You will have a chance to look at your timeline, we’ll go over the draw schedule, and any construction specific questions can be answered. Next: Manna Custom builds you a home.